designed for or restricted to a single person

a one-man show


a one-person tent


Sarah Silverman's hilarious one-woman show

Syn: ↑one-person, ↑one-woman
Similar to: ↑single

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one-man «WUHN MAN», adjective.
1. consisting of only one person; exercised or managed by only one man: »

a one-man rule or dictatorship, a one-man job.

2. of or for a single person; designed to be carried, worn, or used by one man: »

a one-man submarine.

one-man, one-vote «WUHN VOHT»,
U.S. Politics. of, having to do with, or designating the principle by which seats in a legislature are reapportioned according to the population of the area represented: »

Under Federal Court mandate to draw new Congressional district lines that would meet the Supreme Court's one-man, one-vote doctrine, the Legislature…ingeniously met the Court's stipulations but left untouched some of the worst gerrymanders in the state (New York Times).

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adj. [attrib.] involving, done, or operated by only one person

a one-man show

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adj, always used before a noun
1 : done, performed, or controlled by one person

a one-man job/show/play/business

This is strictly a one-man operation.

2 : designed for one person

a one-man kayak/tent

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ˌone-ˈman [one-man] adjective only before noun
done or controlled by one person only; suitable for one person


one-man show/business

a one-man tent

see also one-woman

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